CAD Modeling

Whether you have a blueprint or just a hand-drawn sketch on a napkin, we can help model your part into a parametric 3D CAD model.  

Product Prototyping / Development

We have decades of experience developing and manufacturing products!  Whether you just have a concept or a product which requires further refinement, you have at your disposal our experience to assist in every step of the process from prototyping to manufacturing.  With us, you truly get a one-stop shop!

To mitigate prototype iteration costs (where appropriate), we can utilize our 3D printers to not only speed up iterations but to greatly reduce the cost of producing each one.


Whether you need a dozen units to test out the market or a 1,000+ units produced, we can help! We have at our disposal state-of-the-art 4 axis machining centers capable of machining any type of material from aluminum to stainless steel, even titanium.  

How to get started!

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